Sarah Shopper – Your virtual shopping assistant.

sarahWe live in a world where technology forms an integral part of our lives now; whether you’re using it to book travel services such as an Uber taxi or AirBnB for hotel accommodation it’s all at the click of the button.


Technology has and is disrupting the fashion industry in a massive way; gone are the days when you had to travel into town for the latest fashion and clothes when it all can be done at the click of a button. In fact you can now get a Virtual assistant to help you such as Sarah Shopper.

Sarah Shopper is a virtual assistant that lives inside Facebook Messenger. She can help you monitor price from popular shopping websites, such as, IKEA, Tesco and Lazada.

If you’ve had a certain fashion item in mind for awhile but it costs just a little too much, then all you need to do is give the link to Sarah Shopper and your virtual assistant will let you know  when the price has dropped. Then all you need to do is simply follow the link and purchase the item you’re looking for at a reduced price. How cool is that?

Go ahead, chat with Sarah now. Open Facebook Messenger app and search for her name, Sarah Shopper.