halSince 1876, the Halsted Corporation has been supplying companies with quality, wholesale bulk bags for their products. Not only can the corporation provide your company with quality bags for the products your company packages, it can also handle the sourcing, quality control, financing, transportation logistics, U.S. Customs entries and the warehousing and distribution of your imported bags.  Visit quality wholesale bulk bags for more information.

Halsted offers a variety of products including bulk bags (FIBCs), standard woven Polypropylene bags, woven polypropylene mesh bags, paper laminated polypropylene bags, sandbags, coin and currency bags and textile and other specialty fabric bags...


Get your favourite design printed on t shirts

teeGone are the days when we had to rely on larger fashion houses to dictate what we wear and how we wear it; there are no so many different ways you can get fashion styled to your own needs and often at the click of a button you can choose your design, pay and have it delivered to your house. If you live in Singapore then you need to check out print t shirt. It’s your one stop shopping for printing t-shirts with your personal or company design and they also offer some great accessories.

They pride themselves on the quality of not just their products, they pride themselves on offering some of the best customer service in the industry. If you’re looking for unique designs and professional customer support then this design company is for you...


How to choose the best workwear for the job

forcast1First impressions are very important, and so is dressing up when going into work in a corporate or office-environment job. Through the years, work-appropriate clothes have changed. Dressing nicely and appropriately sends the message every worker in the corporate industry wants to send: “I mean business.”

Here is how any working woman can choose the perfect professional clothing that will make her a hit in the office.

Reduce Cleavage

When choosing corporate workwear, keep it professional. Stay away from low-cut tops and dresses. Be sure to choose shirts and dresses that have necklines no more than four inches from the collarbone.

Don’t show too much leg

Most HR complaints from coworkers or customers are about ladies who wear skirts or dresses that are too short for the profe...