How to choose the best workwear for the job

forcast1First impressions are very important, and so is dressing up when going into work in a corporate or office-environment job. Through the years, work-appropriate clothes have changed. Dressing nicely and appropriately sends the message every worker in the corporate industry wants to send: “I mean business.”


Here is how any working woman can choose the perfect professional clothing that will make her a hit in the office.


Reduce Cleavage


When choosing corporate workwear, keep it professional. Stay away from low-cut tops and dresses. Be sure to choose shirts and dresses that have necklines no more than four inches from the collarbone.


Don’t show too much leg


Most HR complaints from coworkers or customers are about ladies who wear skirts or dresses that are too short for the professional world. Save those short dresses for a night out on the town and slip into something a little longer.


When in doubt, make sure your skirt or dress hits at your knees or just a few inches above the knee. If you have a bigger tush, be sure to account for that when choosing a dress or skirt, as it may cause your clothing to be higher than normal in the back.



Choose a powerful women’s suit


Fashionable suits can be hard to find. When looking for a women’s suit, find flattering pants or skirts. The best skirt styles are A-line or pencil skirts. Straight-legged pantsuits flatter pretty much any body type.


Choose a suit color that is neutral but still has a bit of color, like navy or gray. A black suit is also a good look.


When dressing under the suit’s blazer, wear something with a sleeve rather than a camisole or under shirt. As long as it doesn’t have straps, it is professional. Be sure to choose something with a light pattern, or a solid color that compliments your skin tone.


Be fashionable


The best workwear is something that can transition from work clothes to a nice outfit for dinner. Mix and match your outfits and be sure to find complementary colors and patterns. Try to avoid too-bright colors or busy patterns. This is sure to make you look both professional and fashionable.


Find the perfect shoes


In most office environments, heels or closed-toed shoes are the best options. Wedges are also acceptable, but do your best to avoid regular flip-flops.


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About Forcast

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