halSince 1876, the Halsted Corporation has been supplying companies with quality, wholesale bulk bags for their products. Not only can the corporation provide your company with quality bags for the products your company packages, it can also handle the sourcing, quality control, financing, transportation logistics, U.S. Customs entries and the warehousing and distribution of your imported bags.  Visit quality wholesale bulk bags for more information.


Halsted offers a variety of products including bulk bags (FIBCs), standard woven Polypropylene bags, woven polypropylene mesh bags, paper laminated polypropylene bags, sandbags, coin and currency bags and textile and other specialty fabric bags. The company has spent nearly three decades searching for reliable, quality-driven factories their customers can rely on.


Halsted does not solicit or sell to end-users and focuses on helping your packaging company compete in an ever-growing market. For more information, or to request a quote, visit the Halsted Corporation online or call 800-843-5184.