bobi1Jewelry is a fun and simple way to accessorize and give any outfit flavor. Of course, this can also work to one’s detriment if they do not know how to style their jewelry, or they simply choose the wrong jewelry.


At Bobi Bravo Jewellery Designers, every customer can be sure they get the right piece of jewelry for their needs. The company began making women’s accessories more than nine years ago. Based in Sydney, Australia, the company specializes in handmade bridal, fashion, crystal, and costume jewelry. Whatever your need, Bobi Bravo has the gemstone jewelry you’re looking for.


You can shop for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and sets on the online store. Here is some more information about each of the items the store sells:



Get yourself some arm candy with a bracelet from Bobi Bravo Jewellery Designers. The company sells a variety of bracelet types, including bangles, stretchy beaded bracelets, and clasping bracelets to name a few. The bracelets include gemstones like solar quartz, Biwa Pearls, black onyx, dendrite opals, and so much more. These cost between $11 AUD and $60 AUD.



Find the perfect earrings for your look. The site sells everything from stud earrings to hoop earrings with gems including sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and topaz among others. These retail for between $9.95 AUD and $84.95 AUD.



Necklaces can be simple or attention-grabbing. What will you choose? You can find a ton of different types of necklaces on the site from a simple amethyst pendant necklace to a chunky crystal choker. Whatever your style—choker, layered, or pendant – Bobi Bravo has you covered. Necklaces cost between $10.95 AUD and $184 AUD.



If you’re just looking for a pendant for an existing chain, Bobi Bravo can help you! You can purchase cherry quartz gens, a rose amethyst pendant in bobi3the shape of a heart, a turquoise pendant, and others on the site. The pendants, like the other items from Bobi Bravo, are affordable and are great for those who already have the perfect chain for their necklace. Pendants are between $7.99 AUD and $17.99 AUD.



Adding a fashion ring is a great way to spice up your outfit and pull your look together. The sight sells rings with mostly amethyst, emerald, lapis lazuli, and turquoise gemstones. The rings are sold in white gold, sterling silver, or gold. Ring prices range from $8.99 AUD to $36 AUD.



If you’re looking for a coordinated look, you can check out the site’s necklaces sets. These sets typically include a necklace and earrings and can sometimes also include a matching ring. Shop for sets that include blue opal, blue sapphire, pink topaz, blue topaz, rose quartz, and moonstone gems among others. The sets range between $27 AUD and $94 AUD.



Bobi Bravo ships items worldwide from Australia. All of the company’s products come with free international shipping. It takes about 15 to 28 business days to arrive, but will be shipped within one to three business days after payment is received. For more information, visit or contact the company via email