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Tommy Hilfiger in a Timeline

Vintage lovers everywhere, gather round I have an exciting website to share with you! As a fellow bargain hunter, authentic thread lover and the biggest fan of the Tommy Hilfiger brand – what I stumbled upon the other day is pure gold! Messina Hembry is an online outlet (also available on ASOS Marketplace) selling second hand designer clothing – including vintage Tommy Hilfiger! It’s less than half the price of purchasing new season Tommy and being vintage, it’s authentically classic and unique!

Because I have had a lifelong romance with the Hilfiger brand (who doesn’t love that iconic blue and red logo?) I wanted to share with you a timeline of events in the becoming of one of America’s coolest luxury labels. It’s time for Fash-Ed:

1951 – Tommy Hilfiger was born on March 24t...