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The 100w istick

vapeAre you loving the vape life? Vaping has become a popular means of safe smoking. The range and variety of vaping products available on the market today is tremendous, with a lifestyle product available for anyone that’s looking to start vaping.

The 100w istick from ELeaf is a battery mod that can be used with most ELeaf products. It offers exceptional power control, allowing you to get the most out of your vaping.

The unit features a sleek housing and variable power control of 2 to 100 watts. It offers variable coil resistance between 0.15 to 5 ohms. This upgrade is a must for anyone looking to take their vaping to a level of control and power that’s simply outstanding.

The 100w istick mod for the ELeaf turns it from a regular vaping unit, into a powerful beast capable of the highest a...