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The Best Country Boots of Winter 2016

Winter feels like it’s been here FOREVER and really, we’re still just in the thick of it. We’ve entered 2016 in the freezing cold and we’ll also leave it in the freezing cold.

Whilst this may all seem like doom and gloom (which it kind of is), the only up side to enduring the rain, cold and wind is the wintery outfits we get to show off. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore winter attire; the wooly jumpers, the jeans, the tartan scarves, fluffy mittens, warm bobble hats and particularly a lovely pair of country boots.

During the dark and dreary wintery days, I find my solace in boots; the item of clothing that brings together my whole outfit, keeps my feet warm and dry, are comfy and make me feel pretty damn invincible...