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Clip-Ons or Fit-Overs: Which Do You Prefer?

Sunglasses. They are something everyone needs but are often not fully appreciated until you reach into your glove box and realize yours aren’t there. People who already wear prescription glasses just to see may have an even stronger attachment to their sunglasses given that it is hard to find a pair that works well with prescription lenses. There really are only two choices: clip-ons and fit-overs. Which one do you prefer?

Clip-on sunglasses were all the rage back in the 1980s. By the mid-90s, they started to fade away to the point that they were nearly impossible to find in the early to mid-2000s. They are now making a comeback, much to the delight of prescription lens wearers who broke their last pair of clip-ons a decade ago.

Fit-over sunglasses are just what their name implies...