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Tips for finding your perfect 2018 prom dress

promIt’s 2018 and for some people, prom is far away while for others it is right around the corner. It is around that time where girls  will start running about trying to find the perfect prom dress 2018 but there really is no need to be stressing about it as I have compiled a list of tips you can follow to ensure that your shopping experience is almost hassle free. The following are the tips to help you in your quest of finding the perfect prom dress 2018.


The importance of research cannot be overemphasised. When you research on the prom dress you want, you have a game plan before you walk into the store to shop. This will reduce the drama that usually goes on in the dressing rooms. A game plan is a good thing to have before you walk into store to shop for your prom dresses 2018 ...


Why Everyone Should Have One Funny T-shirt

domingoWhat you wear matters in many ways than one. Imagine getting up on a bright morning or even a cloudy one , and you throw on a shirt with the inscription “ due to unfortunate circumstances I am awake” or “I came, I saw ,I made it awkward” or other funny inscriptions, you get on the train and there are a lot of people there; those who had bad nights or bad mornings, those going through some kind emotional problem, those looking for  a reason to smile and then suddenly their eyes fall on your t-shirt and they smile.

Not only have you worn an awesome funny t-shirts you might have just made someone’s day a little bit brighter and it doesn’t matter if that someone is a close relative, or your neighbour, or the guy that makes your coffee or the stranger on the bus, what matters is you ma...


All You Need To Know About Whole Stock Clothing

opoWholesale of clothing stock in lay terms means, buying clothes in large quantities from manufactures and selling them to retailers. To be in wholesale, you have to make a decision on what to focus on; women’s clothing, men’s clothing or kid’s clothing. Having a niche gives you the ability to focus and grow your target customers.
An advantage of wholesale stock clothing is that you get to buy clothes at a cheaper rate, the authenticity of the clothes is guaranteed, and you get to buy as many styles of clothes from a designer as you like. This is different from retailers, who work based on what is available in a wholesale store at the moment.
On the downside, wholesale of stock clothing doesn’t always allow for a sudden change in a fashion trend e.g...